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About the Sumeru Directory of Canadian Buddhist Organizations

This site is maintained by Karma Yönten Gyatso, publisher at the Sumeru Press. Follow us on Facebook (SumeruBooks) and Twitter (@SumeruBooks).

We are grateful to the efforts of many individuals over the years who have contributed their time and energy to building the Canadian Buddhist community by recording and making available lists of Buddhist centres.

Preparation of this directory included cross-checking against many databases from Canada, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand and other sources. Each site was verified on Google, Facebook, and other web crawlers. The process took several months.

Starting in August 2022, you will begin seeing an additional field added: ENVIRONMENTAL PROFILE.
Easing into it, I’m just going to add how many acres each rural centre’s property comprises. This will be one small step forward in doing environmental audits on them. My ultimate goal is to share best practices from these organizations (my Green Buddhist vow).
Here is one example of what that might look like: