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North Shore Zendo

North Shore Zendo
North Shore Zen Association
4080 St. Georges Avenue
North Vancouver, BC
V7N 1W8


Non-resident teacher: Kim Hoben Hansen (layman)

Alternate contact: Steve Bokudo Holy

Lineage: Our teachers are Chozen Bays, Roshi, and Hogen Bays, Roshi, co-abbots of Great Vow Zen Monastery in Oregon, in the lineage of Hakuyu Taizan Maezumi, Roshi

Practices: Chanting sutras, discussion groups, meditation, precepts, retreats, sutra study

Meditation: Zazen

Public activities: Zazen (Meditation) Thursday evening and Sunday morning (May include chanting; dharma talk; teacher/student interviews), Study classes (eg precepts, sutras). Weekend non-residential and residential retreats, Monthly zazenkai (half- or full-day meditation)

Other activities and initiatives: Opportunities for members to attend retreats and workshops at Great Vow Zen Monastery in Oregon. Occasional social gatherings.

Language: English

Updated: March 2022