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Triratna Buddhist Community Ontario

Triratna Buddhist Community Ontario
Guelph, ON

Meeting address:
Various locations where twice-yearly events occur (Toronto, Guelph and Goderich)

Facebook: Triratna Buddhist Community Ontario

Non-resident teacher: Harshaprapbha
Lineage: Urgyen Sangharakshita (whose teachers included Dhardo Rinpoche, Dilgo Rinpoche, Dudjom Rinpoche, Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche, Chetul Sange Dorje, Kach Rinpoche, Yogi Chen & Jagdish Kashyap). The Buddha Shakyamuni – his life, teachings, person and image are the Triratna Buddhist Order, and communities are our central and key reference point.

Practices: Chanting mantras, circumambulation, commentary study, dana to group or centre, discussion groups, meditation, music, painting, precepts/ordination, prostrations for more committed persons, retreats, sutra study, vegetarian encouraged

Meditation: Breaths (counting), calming (shamatha), chi kung (separate classes), insight (vipassana, for ordained members only), tai chi (separate classes), visualization (for ordained members only), yoga postures (separate classes), walking

Public activities: Twice a year in Toronto, Guelph and Goderich.

Other activities and initiatives: Fundraising for the project via the web –

Affiliated with: Vancouver Buddhist Centre (

Associated with: Triratna Buddhist Community International

Languages: English, French

Updated: March 2022