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Riwoche Tibetan Buddhist Temple

Riwoche Tibetan Buddhist Temple of Toronto
28 Heintzman Street
Toronto, ON
M6P 1L2


Resident teacher: Ordained monk

Practices: Chanting prayers, meditation, retreats
Meditation: Calming (shamatha), deity sadhana, dzogchen

Public activities:
Medicine Buddha Meditation – Tuesday Evenings 7:30 p.m.
Stimulates the benefit of natural healing influences for the health and well-being of oneself and others, especially those suffering from physical and mental afflictions.

Tranquility Meditation – Thursday Evenings 8:00 p.m.
Cultivates mindfulness and awareness in a simple practice which allows the busyness and speed of habitual mind to subside so that intrinsic peace and clarity may manifest naturally.

Green Tara Meditation – Saturday and Sunday Mornings 9 a.m.
Invokes the feminine aspects of enlightened wisdom in the form of Green Tara and nurtures the development of compassion.

Other activities and initiatives: Visiting teachers, annual retreat, etc.

Languages: English, French, Bhutanese, Chinese (Cantonese), Hindi, Japanese, Mongolian, Nepali, Tibetan

Charity number: 889206504RR0001 Registered 2002

Listing updated: March 2022