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Drigung Kagyü Office

Drigung Kagyü Office
44 Captain’s Way
Toronto, ON
M1V 5G7


Resident lay teachers: Tashi Jamyangling (he) and Genyen Jamyangling (she)

Lineage: The great teachers of Nyinma & Kagyü traditions of Tibetan Buddhism

Practices: Chanting sutras, chanting prayers, chanting mantras, dance, discussion groups, freeing animals, mditation, music, painting, precepts/ordination, prostrations, retreats, sutra study, other

Meditation: Altruism (tonglen), calming (shamatha), deity sadhana, dzogchen, insight (vipassana), loving kindness (metta), mudra, visualization

Public activities: Saturdays, 3 – 5 pm

Other activities and initiatives: Teachings, Buddhist rituals, monastic dance, monastic music & percussion, house blessing, dispelling of negativities

Associated internationally with: Drigung/Drikung Kagyü Centres

Languages: English, Tibetan

Updated: March 2022. No recent activity.