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Chùa Phổ Hiền Buddhist Community Temple

Chùa Phổ Hiền Buddhist Community Temple

(formerly Hue-Lam Bikkhuni Buddhist Community Temple)
297 Garyray Drive
Toronto, ON
M9L 1P2

Contact: Ms. Minh Pham, 905-858-2229

Activities: Services in the Mahayana Buddhist tradition, including – daily, weekly worship ceremonies for all devotees; – Buddha offerings & to deities, ancestors; – funeral rites; Dharma classes: liturgy, sutras and chants, Pure Land recitations, weekend precepts retreats; all followed by vegetarian meals. Also provides counseling to families, comfort to the sick, elderly; volunteering programs and rehabilitation social services; literacy, reading writing classes; Special New Year & Vesak celebrations with the Sangha Council of Ontario Buddhist Temples.

New programs: Participates, designs & constructs altars & floats scenery for Vesak at City Hall with all Buddhist traditions; continues major renovations for prayer halls to host Sri Lanka Relics Tour; accommodates the Buddhism in modern language classes with the Academy of Wisdom & Enlightenment; offers week long Zen & Vipassana meditation retreats, precepts observances for initiates, library for new Tripitaka research and free Dharma books; martial arts classes.

Charity number: 887657260RR0001 Registered 1996

Listing updated: March 2022. Appears just to be a shell.