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Manitoba Buddhist Temple

Manitoba Buddhist Temple
Jodo Shin Shu Buddhist Temples of Canada

39 Tecumseh Street
Winnipeg, MB
R3E 0J8

Facebook: accessed through website

Resident teacher: Sensei Hayashi, ordained priest
Lineage: Revs. Ikuta, Kusada, Eidman, Miuki, Nagatomi, Kawamura

Practices: Chanting sutras, circumambulation, commentary study, dana to sangha, discussion groups, freeing animals, meditation, music, painting, physical labour, retreats, singing hymns, sutra study, Nembutsu chanting in various styles

Meditation: Altruism (tonglen, etc.), breaths (noticing), insight (vipassana), just sitting (shikantaza), walking, other

Public activities: Daily family shrine services, private counselling, sarana, seiza. Weekly meditation, Sunday service, community dana. Outreach to the community in meditation and sharing with other professional groups and ethnic groups.

Other activities and initiatives: Restorative justice, teaching loving kindness meditation to community groups and social workers. Moral support and teaching meditation to survivors of Residential Schools. Outreach to Aboriginal peoples. Support of Agape Table that feeds 200 people a day. Support of earthquake and tsunami victims. Support of efforts of various social help groups. Making 4 TV programs for Joy-TV on Buddhism. Initiating a healing process between Islam (Ahmadiyya) and Buddhism. Meditation for business groups and staffs. Developing a strong interfaith presence in Winnipeg. Promoting Karen Armstrong’s Charter of Compassion. Helping parents develop a Buddhist presence in the home. Working with retirement groups and church discussion groups in the community.

International Buddhist association: Buddhist Peace Fellowship

Non-Buddhist associations: Jewish Interfaith Roundtable, Manitoba Interfaith Council, Provincial Advisory Council for Spiritual Care in Manitoba

Languages: English, Japanese

Charity number: 119030146RR0001 Registered 1970

Listing updated: February 2022